Friday, July 22, 2011

Luna Springs now available on Big Pulp!

Exciting news! My science fiction story "Luna Springs" is available in the latest issue of Big Pulp magazine!

You can check out the magazine's web page here:

The Fall 2011 issue of Big Pulp (which has some really great stories in it) can be either purchased in print form or downloaded here:

I'm pretty excited. Big Pulp is a pretty sweet magazine and e-zine.

To some of you, the title "Luna Springs" may sound familiar. You might be thinking, "Wait a minute, Pat, didn't that story already get published?"

Well, astute reader, that's sort of true. Luna Springs made its first public appearance a few years back as an AUDIO story on the award-winning podcast Drabblecast, hosted by Norm Sherman. (feel free to take a listen, links in this post and at top of the blog) "Luna Springs" has never seen the light of day in print or text format online.

Until now!

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