Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wisdom of Our Mothers


Familia Books announces the release of a new anthology, Wisdom of Our Mothers. It includes the work of local writer Patrick Hurley and is edited by Eric Bowen.

Patrick Hurley is Production Coordinator for The Great Books Foundation and has been published in several books, magazines, e-zines, and fiction podcasts, including Allegory, Niteblade, Big Pulp, The Drabblecast, Well Told Tales, and Ghostlight.

Comprised of stories and poetry by eighty-eight accomplished contemporary authors from around the world, the collection explores the theme of lessons learned from the authors’ mothers. It is the brain-child of part-time philanthropist Eric Bowen. Guided by his own mother’s teaching that “one does well by doing good,” Bowen has pledged half his profits from the book to raise funds for shelters for abused mothers and children.

Everyone has a mother, and readers will doubtlessly find stories in this anthology that relate to their own experiences. Yet Bowen’s presentation isn’t sentimental. The mothers profiled in the stories are human. Their virtues are balanced by their flaws, and in some cases, the lessons learned from those flaws form the basis of the story.

The anthology explores maternal wisdom in various categories: emotional, relationship, and practical skills; virtues, humor, and heritage. One chapter delves into “the dark side,” profiling some truly dysfunctional mothers. “From other lands” describes motherhood in cultures outside the American mainstream.

This book now available on the Familia Books website,, and from, will soon be available at your local bookstore and through major internet booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


ISBN 978-145-363101-0

296 pps.

List Price: $14.95

Familia Books

Eric Bowen, Editor

PMB 326

1225 East Sunset Drive Suite 145

Bellingham, WA 98226

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