Friday, January 23, 2009

A Parliament of Me

Last night, I had the immense pleasure of listening to Andy Catt's reading of my short story "A Parliament of Me," broadcast on the excellent podcast website Well Told Tales.

I was blown away.

The special effects, the different voices that Mr. Catt employed, everything was amazing, far beyond what I expected. One of the interesting changes was his use of British accents for the character(s), something that I never intended when I wrote the story, but now that I hear it, very much approve.

I describe "A Parliament of Me" as Jorge Luis Borges meets Stephen King. It is my one Borges-esque story, although I wrote it long before I had ever read Borges.

The story is roughly 18 minutes long and is completely free and very easy to listen to (though I would suggest, if you like the story, and enjoy website, that you might donate a small amount). Check it out when you can! Here's the link.

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Mr. Kellerby said...

When I read that story I didn't picture/hear a British accent either, but it worked well. I like the blog, I will become one of those followers or whatever. My blogspot is actually for my class, but feel free to drop in. The science one is a work in progress that may never flower. Keep up the writing and I'll keep up the reading!